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Why Fashion Advertisers Love Massive Format Outdoor Posters

Why Fashion Advertisers Love Massive Format Outdoor Posters

From the onset the fashion business was among the initial to embrace the medium of outside poster marketing. Over a hundred years later, practically nothing has changed. Fashion marketing still accounts to get a high proportion of the massive format OOH advertisements we see now, displayed on posters and billboards everywhere.

Indeed, the most recent trendy clothes brands are following the instance of a lot more established fashion firms and dedicating an ever-increasing portion of their marketing devote to OOH marketing.

Memorable Style Poster Marketing Campaigns

Who could neglect Wonderbra’s Hello Boys campaign back inside the 1994? The poster campaign saw model Eva Herzigova pose basically in her underwear, with the image spread across 96-sheet billboards across the country.

An additional big hit was David Beckham’s iconic 2009 Armani underwear ad. From 6 sheets on the London Underground to a 6-storey giant poster on Selfridge’s in London’s Oxford Street, this campaign was a hot subject of discussion worldwide, resulting in comprehensive media coverage for each Golden Balls himself plus the Armani brand.

Because the official department store provider towards the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, John Lewis produced a grand patriotic gesture by enveloping their flagship Oxford St stores within a large creating wrap featuring the union flag to show their support for British athletes. The exterior in the Stratford City shop overlooking the Olympic park was decked with giant vinyl stickers featuring style accessories. The OOH show continued the gold medal theme of John Lewis’s print marketing campaign and generated considerable media coverage.

Additional recently, Myleene Klass’ Littlewoods campaign received a great deal interest in the beginning on the year when it was erected on a 472m sq giant poster at Union Street in Glasgow. The super-size Littlewoods poster advertising campaign using the image of her dressed simply within a bikini was most definitely interest grabbing and was observed by nearly 750,000 shoppers and passers-by in Glasgow city centre.

Transform of Emphasis

Why are an increasing number of fashion advertisers turning away from regular marketing in print and broadcast media? Newspaper readership is quickly declining and over-saturation of traditionally placed advertisements lacking true originality has rendering most Tv marketing ineffective. The target audience automatically filters out adverts and even requires benefit of new technologies to skip them on recordings of Tv programmes.

Jaded shoppers who’re being continually bombarded with advertising messages crave novelty. The understanding is clear for fashion brands: they must cater to their audience’s wish for innovation by looking for alternative formats for distributing their brand message.

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