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Activated Charcoal as a teeth whitener

Activated Charcoal as a teeth whitener

Charcoal is a very good substance with many medicinal properties. It has a high absorbent capacity. You can use it as a remedy for food poisoning, diarrhea, get rid of body pain, water filtration, whitening your teeth and many more. There are endless uses to this amazing substance.

You might be heard about toothpaste that have charcoal in it. Many companies make charcoal based toothpaste that you make your teeth white. But, we don’t whether it is good charcoal or not. So, where can we get pure activated charcoal? You can get pure charcoal from http://activatedcharcoal-carbon-australia.com/.

This is an Australian based company that supplies activated carbon charcoal. The company has got ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications. They produce high- quality steam activated charcoal without acid washing. If you treated Charcoal with acid it will react with acid and lose its alkaline strength. This will reduce its strength of charcoal to kill infected bacteria from your body. So, while you busy activated charcoal makes sure to buy from a reliable buyer.

Connection between activated charcoal and teeth whitening

Charcoal can fight with all kind of infection in your body. But how it works with your teeth? The main advantage of active charcoal is its absorbent capacity. It can absorb all stains from your teeth and make it look white. It can also kill microbes from your teeth and removes foul smell from your mouth. It also got the power to change pH value of your mouth and kills tooth decaying bacteria. Hence no more dental cavities if you use activated charcoal on your teeth.

How to use activated Charcoal on teeth

It is not advisable to use charcoal granules directly on teeth. The reason behind it is its abrasive nature. Also, there will be chance of swallowing and chocking with fine particles. You can make it as a paste by mixing with water.

• Take clean water in a sealed jar and put Activated charcoal in it

• Let it sit until charcoal settles in water

• Mix it gently by stirring and add more charcoal to it

• Make it as a fine thick paste

• Seal the jar well. Your Charcoal paste is ready and you can use it whenever you want

Note-: While mixing charcoal with water make sure to use pure distilled water. If the water is impure charcoal will absorb all impurities and the paste will be contaminated. It will cause negative reaction also.

Final words

Activated charcoal is a very good option you can use to whiten your teeth. You can go to http://activatedcharcoal-carbon-australia.com/ and order the quantity you want. They give you good quality charcoal for affordable price. You can also contact them on health4you2@gmal.com. They will contact you immediately. Get rid of those yellow stained teeth using activated charcoal and smile happily.

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